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In Need Of Volleyball Gear? We Are Here To Help!

Over the past year, we have collected lots of volleyball elements. Thanks to generous donations from our volleyball community, we now have shoes, training gear, and team gear, as well as balls, pumps, and nets.

Did you know that many children can't play volleyball because simply put, they don't have the equipment?

We collect used gear and equipment in privileged places and redistribute them to communities in need with our Circular Gear Project.

More than 30 teams in 7 different countries, already joined forces to collect volleyball gear through our Circular Gear Project! We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to experience the power of volleyball.

Last summer, we shipped pallets of gear and balls to Greece, Tanzania, and Senegal. Thanks to our Dutch partner Koning Movers, we have a logistics hub in the Netherlands. Here we collect and prepare all items for shipment. How do we do it? Watch our Circular Gear Team vlog about their work!

Did you know that many children can't play volleyball because simply put, they don't have the equipment? Or the financial freedom to purchase gear?

Do you need volleyball gear or materials?

To grow our global impact, we will make sure to open our logistics hub for you! As a member of our volleyball community, feel free to ask us for help!

  • Are you in need of a volleyball but can't buy one yourself?

  • Would you like your team to play in volleyball jerseys and look like a real team but don't have the opportunity to make this happen?

  • Do you need training shoes but can't afford them?

  • Do you know anybody that needs help?

Our Fingerprints are ready to help! We can create a box filled with the items you need and ship it to your location.

Do you need help, or do you know someone that needs help? Please reach out to us! Visit our Circular Gear page, scroll down and fill out the form. Don't forget to tell us about the sizes and let's start helping people in need!

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