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8 Tips for Donating Gear

Currently, over 30 clubs in Europe joined our Happiness Project and have donated gear and equipment. Our team of volunteers is doing an amazing job to make sure the kids in our projects are receiving them properly. To make their process a little bit easier, we have 8 important tips for you:

1. Reach out to us

Get in touch by filling out our short Happiness Project form on our project page so we can communicate together.

2. Start a fundraiser

When we ship donations to our projects, we need funds to cover the costs of shipment. For example, recently we shipped a big pallet to Senegal including 200 balls and lots of gear. The cost for shipping was around 500 euros. On our specially designed fundraise platform, you can create and personalize your own activity page where you can raise funds, check your progress, and upload updates.

3. Involve your team or club

We're in it together. Volleyball is a team game and so is social change. Use the game that has given you so much to empower others all around the world.

4. Personalize your donation

Write your own support note or record a short video and attach this to your donation. We will make sure to send your message to the right destination.

5. Equipment vs. Gear

At this moment, we have collected lots of gear and way less equipment. You would help us extra by focussing a larger part of your donation on equipment. We are always in big need of nets, antenna's, balls, pumps, whistles, line judge flags, and ropes to create more nets.

6. Gear for children

When you do focus on collecting and donating gear, we prefer gear for young boys and girls over adults. We do donate gear to adults of course, but we just receive more adult gear and have fewer adults in our projects.

7. Help us get ready for shipments before donating

Deflate your balls for us and sort your gear on sizes. Also, if you could attach a small letter that describes exactly what you are donating and make sure to pack everything nice and clean. For your information, it takes one of our volunteers a whole morning to deflate 1 box of 50 balls. Very precious time for our team.

8. Join our Dreamteam Community

Our purpose is to unite the global volleyball family to build a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to play volleyball, create extraordinary memories, and thrive as human beings.​

By joining our Dreamteam program, you will receive special access to our Telegram Dreamteam Community! You can track your impact by receiving the latest updates, extra media materials, and unique behind-the-scenes footage straight to your phone!

As one global team, we can transform volleyball and our world for the better.


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