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LKTBF believes in building a world in which everybody, in every country, has equal opportunity to play volleyball and, through that, grow extraordinary memories and thrive as human beings.

LKTBF's purpose is to connect and expand the global volleyball family, harnessing the power of volleyball as a social development driver for those communities that need it the most.

Our logo is made out of a fingerprint connected with a volleyball. Let's make an impact and leave a legacy!

Enhance Social 


By enhancing awareness and appreciation of our own privileges, we start recognizing places with fewer opportunities than us. Our goal is to spark human growth through gratefulness and a sense of oneness. 'As above, so below.'



Volleyball is more than just a game. We build and support projects that promote equality, education, inclusion, and empowerment, boosting equal access to the power of volleyball.

Provide a Way to Give Back

Connect and expand our global volleyball family to raise financial and material funds to support development projects, stop the waste of gear and materials, and share volunteering opportunities.

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Think Big. Act Bigger.

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Projects range from clinics and coach courses in developing countries to empowering girls in the rural areas of Nepal, to making volleyball available in conflict zones.


2020 Results

Our founding year

  • The Dutch Government provided us with the official ANBI status, giving us legal rights for a public benefit organization!

  • Our Fingerprint Team grew to 12 Fingerprint volunteers!

  • We can proudly say we have the support of over 17 international ambassadors!

  • Over 25 clubs in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark joined forces collecting volleyball gear through our Happiness Project!

  • We are proudly working on new projects in Nepal, Greece, Tanzania, Pakistan, Senegal, and more!



Are you looking for support for your project? Reach out and tell us everything about your plans. We are very excited to work with worldwide Ambassadeurs and project owners so we can focus on finding support for volleyball projects all over the world.

Together We Keep The Ball Flying!