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How to Help LKTBF

We believe in building a world in which everybody, in every country, has an equal opportunity to play volleyball and, through that, grow extraordinary memories and thrive as human beings.

Our purpose is to connect and expand the global volleyball family, harnessing the power of volleyball as a social development driver for those communities that need it the most.

Did you know that many children can't play volleyball because they simply don't have the equipment? Would you like to get involved? Find out here how you can help!

How to help flyer
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Single donation

When you donate to Let's Keep The Ball Flying, we promise you that 100% of your donation will be used to support our projects. Choose any amount you are willing to donate once, monthly, or yearly. You can start by clicking the 'Donate' button on the top right of the page.

100% of your donation will be used to support our projects.

Join Dreamteam

Ready to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Dreamteam is a monthly giving program with 100% of every penny going directly toward our projects.

You're making a difference, every single month.

We believe that donations are for the hard work done in the field! Not for marketing purposes or outrageous employee salaries. Herefore, none of your money is spent on gifts or other extras for our members.

​We do promise that:

  • 100% of your money will go to our projects!

  • You will receive special access to our Telegram Dreamteam Community!

  • You can track your impact by receiving the latest updates, extra media materials, and unique behind-the-scenes footage straight to your phone!

  • You will meet our Dreamteam community and have a voice in our journey!


Create your own

Start making an impact with your own fundraiser!

  • Start an individual fundraiser or start one together with your team.

  • Create your own activity page where you can raise funds and check your progress.

  • Activity pages can be personalized with your own text, images, target goals, and blogs.

Join one

We have a list of fundraisers set up by individuals or groups that would appreciate your help. If you don't want to start your own, take a look at our website and see who needs help.



Volunteer for us

LKTBF is collaborating with people, clubs, federations, businesses, and universities all over the globe. When will you start making an impact?

Do you want to volunteer with us, showcase your project, find help, or get involved? Get excited and connect with us now so we can discuss the opportunities to start building your legacy.

Happiness Project

Our Happiness Project collects used gear and equipment in privileged places and redistributes them to places in need for a brand new, happy life.

During our project in Nepal, we handed out donated jerseys from Dutch volleyball club VollinGo to former homeless girls in Nepal. We got to hear some moving stories about begging, mistreatment, and abuse.

When you learn to look through the eyes of other perspectives, you can discover a new purpose in life. Gear that is hanging in our closet missing out on playing our favorite game suddenly can find a path to a new life.

We can give our unused gear (shoes, apparel, materials) new owners and a brand new happy life. Proof of happiness guaranteed for our gear, and their new owners!

Would you like to collaborate with our Happiness Project and contribute by collecting old sports gear? Please reach out to us and let's challenge each other!




In collaboration with our global volleyball family, we support national federations and local communities from National Teams to the grassroots level synchronized to Olympic Solidarity and the United Nations. If you’d like to collaborate with us, fill in the form or download our whitepaper.


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Welcome to the Let's Keep The Ball Flying Movement. We aim to create thriving volleyball communities that inspire a new generation of volleyball players and fans who share our passion for using volleyball to create a better world.

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