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Partner in the Picture: Koning

Our Happiness Project collects used gear and equipment in privileged places and redistributes them to places in need for a brand new, happy life.

In a special collaboration with Koning Verhuizers, a moving company in the Netherlands, we collect second-hand goods from European volleyball clubs and store them safely in a specially equipped container before sending them to our projects abroad.

Rikus Koning, CEO of the company, donated the container to us and his team supports our Foundation with transporting the goods throughout the country. Rikus is a member of our global volleyball family all his life. "Volleyball is more than just a game, and I am more than happy to contribute to a cause like this!"

Did you know that many children can't play volleyball because they simply don't have the equipment? And did you know that a socially engaged business is more attractive to clients?

Through our partnership with Koning Verhuizers (movers), more than 30 teams in 7 different countries already joined forces collecting volleyball gear through our Happiness Project! We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to experience the power of volleyball.

More and more clubs are joining our Happiness Project!

Thanks to Koning Verhuizers his participation we have been able to make bigger shipments to Nepal, Tanzania, Senegal, and Greece. As per the writing of this article, we are currently working on more shipments to Greece, Nepal, Pakistan, and Kenya.

Would you like to collaborate with us and enhance your social impact, or CSR strategy for your business? Fill in the form on our partnership page, or if you like to join our Happiness Project, fill in the form on our Happiness Project page.

Did you know that many children can't play volleyball because they simply don't have the equipment?


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