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We Need More Balls!

We believe that every child has the right to play volleyball. However, to play our game, there is one thing we need most: volleyballs! While interest in our sport is gaining in underserved areas around the world, the lack of volleyballs is an obstacle to growth.

We created our Happiness Project to donate used apparel and equipment. Especially volleyballs are in high demand. The donations will be given away to other programs around the world that are less fortunate.

Over the years, USA Volleyball started a similar project were they collected thousands of used, but in good enough condition, volleyballs and repurposed them to children worldwide to help spread the game of volleyball.

We encourage clubs to collect and donate volleyballs. When you donate your volleyballs to Let's Keep The Ball Flying, we ask you to sign your favorite quote and provide good luck wishes on the balls with a sharpie pen. Once everyone has had a chance to include their messages, the balls will be flattened for shipment to a new life abroad.

To speed up the process, we decided to upgrade our Happiness Project and started gathering resources to develop our own volleyball. It should be easy to make, easy to transport, cheap, and durable. A volleyball that has the size of a mini volleyball for kids, and it should have printing on the outside layer with tips and techniques on how to play our game.

Last but not least, everybody should be able to obtain and share it. This ball should be able to make an impact, bring children together to play, and make a difference. A social and happy welcome to our 'SociaBall!'

Would you like to know more, get involved, or purchase SociaBalls? Reach out to us now!


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