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350 New Items donated within the LKTBF Happiness Project

Let's Keep The Ball Flying Ambassador Jan de Brandt received 350 new jersey's, polo's, and sweaters as a generous donation toward the LKTBF Happiness Project from Volley Vlaanderen in Belgium.

LKTBF Ambassador Jan De Brandt Receives the Donation from Volley Vlaanderen in Belgium
I love to see children play volleyball and that our game can place children on the right track. A new jersey can create miracles! - Jan de Brandt

Mr. Kristof de Loose from Volley Vlaanderen was more than happy to contribute to our collaborative cause. We all have a mission to grow our game and it is amazing to give our unused gear a brand new life. All items will be provided toward the Volleyball 4 Life project in Nepal and the World 2 Win project in Senegal. Both projects are multilateral cooperations that fit the LKTBF World Map criteria.

LKTBF Founder Mr. Lesley de Jonge would like to call out to all clubs and players that have used or unused gear, that could use a brand new destination. Please reach out to us and join our cause. The reward of happiness is incredible. As soon as the items reach their new life, we will do our best to create content so you can always follow your gear's new life.

Kristof De Loose from Volley Vlaanderen showing one of the jersey's that will be donated.

About the LKTBF Happiness Project

We play lots of volleyball and we have plenty of gear that is hanging in our closet missing out on playing our favorite game. Instead of being lonely, we give our unused gear (shoes, apparel, materials) new owners and a brand new, happy life to show their capabilities. Proof of happiness guaranteed! #LKTBF


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