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Why you should Collaborate with our Happiness Project?

During the Volleyball 4 Life project in Nepal, we handed out donated jerseys from Dutch volleyball club VollinGo to ex-street girls. One of the girls told her moving story. It was about begging, mistreatment, abuse, being sold and married off, fleeing, and living on the streets with drug addiction! She had a whole life behind her but was only 13 years old...

We gave her one of the donated jerseys and she put it on. All the girls wore the same jerseys. At that moment, she smiled from ear to ear and said: "This is the first time I've belonged to a group because we all wear the same jersey."

These embracing moments make you realize volleyball is more than just a game! Big dreams start with small, unreasonable acts. Marcel Proust ones wrote:

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

When you learn to look through the eyes of other perspectives, you can discover a new purpose in life. Gear that is hanging in our closet missing out on playing our favorite game suddenly can find a path to new life. Instead of being lonely, we can give our unused gear (shoes, apparel, materials) new owners and a brand new happy life to show their capabilities. Proof of happiness guaranteed for our gear and their new owners!

Would you like to collaborate with our Happiness Project and contribute? Please reach out to us and let's challenge each other!



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