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Our First Volley Beyond Borders Coach Course in Greece

In the scorching heat of July, Greece became the stage for a groundbreaking pilot project. Seventeen individuals from diverse backgrounds, hailing from Lesvos, Athens, and Ioannina, converged to participate in the Volley Beyond Borders coach course.

LKTBF Coach Course for refugees in Greece

This endeavor, a collaboration between Let's Keep The Ball Flying (LKTBF), the Volleyball Trainers Academie, and Yoga and Sports with Refugees (YSR), transcends volleyball. It's about educating coaches who will use their newfound knowledge to teach and develop the people in their communities.

Nurturing Growth On and Off the Court

Beyond volleyball, these coaches worked on growing as coaches and as individuals. This course serves as a platform to refine volleyball skills while fostering personal development. It's a space where participants learn that mistakes are stepping stones to improvement, where successful serves kindle confidence, and the joy of the game fuels motivation.

Coach Course Greece LKTBF

More Than Volleyball

Life's lessons are not confined to a single domain. Participants dabble in the culinary arts, scale the heights of outdoor climbing, and even find themselves caught up in dance and song. The diverse experiences shared among the group enhance their bond, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and unity in both sports and life.

LKTBF Coaches Course Lesbos

Jerseys with a Story

Adding to the tapestry of this experience, some of the participants wore jerseys with a unique story. These jerseys were donated by Anne Buijs of the Dutch national team and Ana Carolina (Carol) of the Brazilian national team. Their generous contributions are part of LKTBF's circular gear project, where donated equipment finds new life, creating opportunities for those who need it most.

LKTBF Donates Jersey's from Anne Buijs and Ana Carolina

Words from the Course Leader

Guus van den Elzen, the course leader and LKTBF president, shared his thoughts on this transformative journey: "This course is not just about coaching; it's about inspiring change. These coaches are not just learning how to improve a serve or a block; they're discovering how to develop themselves and help others develop. It's about instilling values of teamwork, discipline, and determination in the hearts of their players."

The Heart of Our Mission

At LKTBF, our mission goes beyond the volleyball court. It's about empowerment, and it starts with coaches. By educating and nurturing coaches in communities worldwide, we lay the foundation for lasting change. Local coaches are not just mentors on the court; they're leaders in their communities. Through their dedication, they can shape a brighter future for aspiring athletes.

Volley Beyond Borders: Connecting Communities

Our Volley Beyond Borders project is at the heart of this mission. It recognizes that borders exist only on maps, not on the volleyball court. It's about building bridges between communities and cultures, fostering understanding and unity. It's about making volleyball accessible to all, regardless of where they come from.

As the Greek sun beats down, it's not just sweat on the volleyball court; it's the collective determination to effect change. It's not just a coach course; it's a pathway to empowerment. It's not just about what happens in Greece; it's about how these coaches will be part of strengthening their communities.

LKTBF Volunteer Marloes Lugtenberg in Lesbos

At LKTBF, we're not just teaching volleyball; we're teaching life skills, and it starts with coaches who believe that change begins with a ball, a court, and a community.

Join us on this incredible journey of transformation. Stay tuned for updates from our passionate coaches as they work tirelessly to create a world where volleyball knows no boundaries.

Together, we keep the ball flying, and in the process, we give people the chance to develop and contribute to the development of their communities.


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