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Video | Unveiling the Heart of Volley Beyond Borders: A Powerful Miniseries in Lesbos, Greece

Welcome to an extraordinary miniseries that captures the heartwarming journey of Let's Keep The Ball Flying (LKTBF) to our Volley Beyond Borders project in Lesbos, Greece. As our team, ambassadors, and former refugees unite, they embark on a mission to discover the transformative power of volleyball.

Each episode brings a unique perspective, highlighting the impact of this powerful sport in empowering lives, fostering connections, and transcending borders. Join us on this inspiring adventure that celebrates hope, resilience, and the unifying spirit of volleyball.

Episode 1: Arrival In Lesbos | Free Volleyball Shoes To Use For Everybody!

Our voyage begins with heartfelt anticipation as we arrive in Lesbos, eager to meet the vibrant refugee community. Volleyballs in hand, we discover the unifying force of the sport, bridging gaps and fostering connections among diverse individuals. Witness the joy and hope kindled through volleyball's magic.

Episode 2: Destroyed Camp Moria Brings Back Old Memories!

In a poignant visit to the now-destroyed Camp Moria, the memories come flooding back for Ehsan and Sheida. We delve into their courageous stories of resilience and triumph, standing testament to the indomitable human spirit. Amidst the remnants, the impact of Volley Beyond Borders shines brighter than ever.

Episode 3: Legend Malina Terrell Reflects On How Volleyball Can Change Your Life!

On the serene pier of Lesbos, our legendary ambassadors, Malina Terrell and Saulo Costa, share their reflections on the life-altering journey so far. Discover how the game of volleyball transcends boundaries, providing hope and healing to those touched by its spirit.

Episode 4: Impacting Lives With Volleyball, But We Need Your Help!

The power of unity resonates as we organize a special volleyball tournament for the refugee community. On the court and in the kitchen, friendships bloom, transcending language and cultural barriers. The love for volleyball is intertwined with the love for one another, creating unforgettable memories.

Episode 5: You Can't Miss This Sunrise | Meet Our 17-Year-Old Coach Ali | Solve Your Fears!

The morning sun witnesses Ehsan and Sheida's determination as they face their fears and triumph over adversity. Meet the remarkable 17-year-old coach, Ali, who embodies the spirit of empowerment through the game. Together, they prove that the power of volleyball goes beyond the surface, healing hearts and inspiring hope.

Episode 6: Here's Why You Should Visit Our Volleyball Projects!

As we reach the culmination of our journey, the team reflects on the profound impact of Volley Beyond Borders. Witness the transformation of lives, the resilience fostered, and the hope ignited in the hearts of those we touched. With unwavering dedication, we reaffirm our commitment to empowering volleyball communities around the world.


Our miniseries in Lesbos, Greece, has been an odyssey of inspiration, love, and unity. Through the remarkable stories of Ehsan and Sheida, we have seen the human spirit soar and the power of volleyball to ignite positive change.

At Let's Keep The Ball Flying, we remain steadfast in our mission to create a world where volleyball empowers all, transcending borders, and embracing every heart. Join us in our journey to inspire and uplift volleyball communities, one connection at a time.

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