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impacting lives through the power of volleyball

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LKTBF Ambassador Meliha

Meliha Diken @_melly03

This is our opportunity to give back to the community that has given us so much. To help those who have fewer opportunities reach their dreams! I thrive to inspire as many souls as possible!

LKTBF Ambassador Nika Daalderop

Nika Daalderop @nikadaalderop

As professional athletes, we receive incredible amounts of gear each season, which often are left untouched after. It is a great pleasure to give a new social purpose to these items.

LKTBF Ambassador Cody Kessel

Cody Kessel @codykessel

I am eager to give back to our sport and make a meaningful impact through LKTBF. 

LKTBF Ambassador Giovanni Guidetti

Giovanni Guidetti @giovanniguidetti_1315

At Vakifbank we strongly believe in volleyball as a tool for social development. This is why I've decided to join LKTBF Legends.