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Spreading our Global Fingerprint in Tanzania

Tanzania is a beautiful country located in the East of Africa. As many of us live in a free and stable nation, sometimes we lose sight of the differences in sport across countries. Unfortunately, in some places, such as Tanzania, citizens do not have equal access to necessities as sports.

With LKTBF, we recognize the power of volleyball in engaging a community, helping people become healthy and happy, and developing strong leaders. We teamed up with several partners in Tanzania to spread our global fingerprint and unlock the power of volleyball.

Kilimagnet Volleyball Club

LKTBF ambassador in Tanzania, Renovatus Sixmund (Six), fell in love with volleyball in 2011 in secondary school. It was his first time playing the sport because, in primary school, there was no volleyball.

Six loved the way volleyball included everybody! All ages, boys, and girls, employed or non-employed. Everybody was allowed to join. He saw their school teachers and other workers playing with students, and sometimes villagers even joined to practice together.

Still young in his career, Six decided to start his volleyball club in Tanzania to set an example in building awareness of the power of volleyball.

"Volleyball can change people's lives, and I believe we should create more awareness of the power of sports."

Six started his volleyball club in the northern region of Tanzania, inspired by the Kilimanjaro mountain and victoria lake. He named his club Kilimagnet, combining two words. Kili, as in Kilimanjaro, where the club was founded, and Magnet, as an ability of a magnet to attract opportunity. Therefore he wants to set an example and attract opportunities for the volleyball community.

Some of Kilimagnet's principles are:

  • To provide a safe environment for all to play volleyball

  • Provide opportunities for all players to reach their potential

  • To introduce more people to the power of volleyball

  • Promote gender balance and women empowerment in their community

Six hopes to find new sponsors supporting him setting the right example and make an impact using the power of volleyball.

East African Volleyball Championship

Let's Keep The Ball Flying partnered with Home Life Sports (Holis) to support the East African Volleyball Championships in Tanzania. Thirty-two teams within the 9 to 30-year-old age range are participating in this international event.

The goal of the tournament is to inspire youth and spark enthusiasm about our beautiful sport. For girls, participating in sports is not easily accessible and accepted worldwide. Extra attention will go to the role of females in sports during this tournament.

Typically for these events, everyone wears his or her personal apparel. This time, we want to provide all players and referees with official clothes donated from clubs in the Netherlands, Denmark, and the United States.

In collaboration with the LKTBF Happiness Project, LKTBF donated balls, nets, and extra volleyball equipment for the tournament. We will redistribute materials back into the regions to support local volleyball schools after the tournament's completion. This way, Sixmund, and his Kilimagnet volleyball club get to use the equipment as well.

LKTBF is going to support workshops, to help and spread knowledge for local coaches in Tanzania. Also, local ambassadors will receive training to independently create content and share equality through the power of volleyball.

LKTBF Happiness Project

LKTBF Fingerprint Ruth Zijlstra is currently hosting a big fundraiser in Florida (USA) for Tanzania. She will be attending the East African Championships this June/July as a volunteer.

After Ruth's volunteering in the refugee camp in Greece, she got the spark and continues contributing to our global volleyball family, establishing an astonishing fingerprint legacy.

"Females in America are very fortunate that we have equal opportunities with men to play sports. In some countries, gender roles hinder women's opportunities in sport. One of the main focuses of this organization is to empower women and find confidence within themselves. As a female athlete, I know the power volleyball has to help us become stronger people." - Ruth Zijlstra

Would you like to support volleyball in Tanzania? You can contribute by donating to Ruth's Fundraiser and follow us on Instagram for the latest updates.

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