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Meaningful Holidays Event

One year ago, our founder Lesley de Jonge posted a meaningful message on his Linkedin profile:

It was the start of his dream to connect the global volleyball family toward social development projects. The first post showing the public he had a new goal after his coaching duties leading the Nepal Men team into the Asian Games and the South Asian Games.

Now, we are almost one year ahead, flourishing towards the finish line of an amazing rollercoaster year. On December 19th, 2020 we will host our Meaningful Holidays Event as a tribute to our first year, and a kickoff for a full speed ahead new year!

Before we tell you more about the event, we would like to mention a few of the 2020 results:

  • The Dutch Government provided us with the official ANBI status, giving us legal rights for a public benefit organisation.

  • We started with only one and in a few months, our Fingerprint Team grew to 12 Fingerprint volunteers!

  • We can proudly say we have the support of over 17 international ambassadors supporting our cause.

  • Over 25 clubs in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark joined forces collecting volleyball gear through our Happiness Project.

  • Starting with an amazing project in Nepal, we are proudly working on new projects in Nepal, Greece, Tanzania, Pakistan, and Senegal.

  • Our own fundraising platform to help our community organize their personally motivated fundraisers providing an easy way to give back,.

  • A rapidly growing community of collaborations with clubs, players, businesses, and federations of which an official partnership with the Dutch Volleyball Federation will be published publicly in January 2021.

I couldn't be more proud of our Fingerprint team! Without them, I would never have succeeded. It is incredible to work with people that all have their hearts full of passion and care for our community!

Meaningful Holidays Event

Our Meaningful Holidays Event, which is a special celebration for the successes so far, will empower our community to start thinking about a meaningful way to give back to our community as together we reflect more often on what volleyball has brought us all: meaningful friendships, wonderful travels, important life lessons, and unforgettable memories.

We give a powerful impulse by linking the sense of togetherness of volleyball to social development projects. Did you know that many children can't play volleyball because they simply don't have the equipment or were born in the wrong place? We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to experience the power of volleyball.

During a live Call-A-Thon event, Lesley and his team of Fingerprints have a special mission:

  • Finding members, sponsors, and volunteers

  • Providing live Q&A's

  • Giving back through very special giveaways

These special giveaways consist for example of a brand new Crossnet system (A popular new game where you play volleyball in 4 squares), a special gift from the brand-new Ninesquared brand from Italy, Mizuno shoes, signed jerseys from Team Brouwer/Meeusen, Nika Daalderop, Ron Zwerver, and many more!

All giveaways are donated by our partners and ambassadors to support our cause. In order to participate, you can check out our event page for more information and follow us on Instagram.

In the end, we wish everybody a wonderful end of the year and hopefully, we get to meet you on December 19th!


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