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The Multilateral Cooperation Between Nepal and the Netherlands a Great Success

FIVB Nucleus Project Results Into Startup New Volleyball Foundation.

On behalf of The Dutch Volleyball Federation, Nevobo, Mr, Peter van Tarel received an NVA award from the Nepal Volleyball Association (NVA) as an appreciation for three years of collaboration. Mr. Peter van Tarel, also a member at the FIVB's Development Commission spoke some words to express his gratitude to the NVA, but also the clubs, players, coaches, referees, and volunteers for their hard work.

Ambitious people always tend to look forward. But sometimes it's good to look back at the results of our work. Together we achieved huge results.

Looking back, we can divide the results into two different categories. National team support and project sustainability support. Both categories support each other and make the development of volleyball grow.

National Team Support

The Nevobo, assigned Dutch Level 4 and 5 coaches (Matt van Wezel, Lesley de Jonge, and Han Abbing) for the Nepal national teams to start collaborating with Nepali national team coaches.

The Nepali Men's Team won a historical Bronze medal at the Central Zone Games and participated in the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games in 2018 for the first time in 36 years. They secured a historical 15th place after winning two matches.

The Nepali Women's Team won Gold at the Central Zone Games and a historic Silver medal at the South Asian Games 2019 hosted in Kathmandu. They were close to beat India (2-3) in the final. The positive energy of Nepal Volleyball is captured in this video below.

Three years ago, Nepal was not mentioned in the FIVB World Ranking. Now the Men's Team is placed 137, the Women's Team 86 (out of 220!).

Project Sustainability Support

Volleyball has been declared by the Nepali government to be the National Sport of Nepal. According to the NVA president Mr. Manoranjan Sharma: "Volleyball in Nepal is blooming, like a flower". The NVA organized 2 international events, powered by the volleyball floor that has been provided by the FIVB. For one of these events, was contracted as a media partner for live broadcasting.

During the cooperation, 40 FIVB Level 1 coaches and 15 FIVB Level 2 coaches were educated, and over 1500 children participated in school programs. A total of 1.000 balls, 35 nets, and many volleyball jerseys have been provided to the NVA, clubs, schools, and kids.

Nepal is visible again in the international volleyball family of FIVB Volleyball World, also because a documentary about this cooperation has been shown at the World Congress as a leading example:

Many inspiring other projects took place between both countries. One of the most inspiring stories is Kopila Uprety. A top Nepali volleyball player with a very special background. She has a special mission; giving guidance to girls and women for a better future, using volleyball! Create5 made an emotional documentary about her story:

The multilateral cooperation between Nepal and the Netherlands has inspired the FIVB to propose support for National Federations for 2 years or longer. The results show that long-term cooperation leads to impressive results. Mr. Peter van Tarel closes his speech by thanking the main project stakeholders.

I would like to thank Mr. Manoranjan Sharma, president of NVA, and Mr. Jitendra Chand, secretary-general of NVA for their cooperation and leadership. Also a big hand for top coaches Matt van Wezel, Lesley de Jonge and Han Abbing for their great efforts!

Let's Keep The Ball Flying

As part of the Nucleus Plan, the FIVB Project Platform is open to all National Federations (NFs) wishing to apply for support in improving the performance of their national teams, and for support with coaching and volleyball equipment. Once an application is successful, the NF works in partnership with the FIVB to develop players and teams across the world. The cooperation between The Netherlands and Nepal was also supported by the FIVB's Nucleus plan. The great success of this multilateral cooperation inspired Mr. Lesley de Jonge (who was Nepal's National Team Coach during the Nucleus project between The Netherlands and Nepal) to start the Let's Keep The Ball Flying project.

Let's Keep The Ball Flying Founder Mr. Lesley de Jonge
Let's Keep The Ball Flying Founder Mr. Lesley de Jonge
LKTBF, in collaboration with the FIVB and the Nevobo, forms an umbrella for FIVB programs, existing programs, and the creation of new programs around the globe. Together they want to become the number one sport that serves the needs of the family through social development and humanitarian programs.

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