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Mandy Janssen's Quest for Change through LKTBF

In the vibrant tapestry of Let's Keep The Ball Flying (LKTBF), each Fingerprint contributes a unique thread to the fabric of our mission. This month, we spotlight Mandy Janssen, a passionate force driving change within our organization.

Mandy Janssen Fingerprint at LKTBF

Mandy Janssen, currently pursuing her studies in tourism with a focus on social impact, seamlessly blends her love for travel with a commitment to making a difference. As a full-time intern at LKTBF, she has become an indispensable member of the team, steering critical projects that align with our ethos of global volleyball impact.

The Intersection of Tourism and Social Impact: Mandy's Unique Journey

Mandy's academic pursuits echo the values at the heart of LKTBF. Her involvement in an honours program in social impact reflects a deep understanding of how travel can be a catalyst for positive change. This unique intersection of tourism and social impact makes her a perfect fit for LKTBF's vision of leveraging volleyball as a tool for community transformation.

Making Waves in Tanzania: Team Adoption Pilot

At the forefront of Mandy's contributions is her pivotal role in the Team Adoption Pilot in Tanzania. Collaborating closely with LKTBF President Guus van den Elzen and Founder Lesley de Jonge, Mandy has taken charge of the initiative, ensuring that the heartbeat of volleyball resonates in communities hungry for positive change. Her dedication is not just in theory but in action, where she transforms plans into tangible impacts.

LKTBF Volleycation Tanzania

Preparation for Volleycation: Crafting Experiences with Purpose

Beyond her work in Tanzania, Mandy is instrumental in shaping the upcoming Volleycation program. Her keen insights into the tourism industry, coupled with a passion for social impact, promise to create experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Volleycation isn't just a journey; it's a purposeful exploration guided by Mandy's commitment to making a lasting impact.

Commendations from Leadership: Guus van den Elzen and Lesley de Jonge

Guus van den Elzen, President of LKTBF, expresses, "Mandy's work ethic and sense of responsibility are truly commendable. She has seamlessly integrated into our team, bringing fresh perspectives and unwavering dedication."

LKTBF internship volunteers
LKTBF Fingerprints Lesley, Qionah, Lianne, and Mandy at the LKTBF Headquarters

Lesley de Jonge, Founder and Captain of Community at LKTBF, echoes this sentiment, "Having Mandy on board is a testament to the kind of passionate individuals driving LKTBF. Her commitment aligns with our mission, and we're excited about the positive ripples she's creating."

Mandy's Continued Impact

As Mandy continues to weave her narrative into the story of LKTBF, we anticipate even greater waves of impact. Her journey exemplifies the spirit of our Fingerprints, each contributing in their unique way to empower communities through the power of volleyball.

LKTBF Fingerprints
Mandy Joining the LKTBF Volleyball Marathon

Join us in celebrating Mandy Janssen, our Fingerprint in the spotlight, as she paves the way for a future where volleyball transcends borders, creating a global community bound by the love for the game and the desire for positive change.


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