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Beyond the Court: Jordan's Dedication to Transforming Communities

Jordan Thompson with Let's Keep The Ball Flying

In the world of sports, greatness is often measured by victories, medals, and records. But true greatness transcends these achievements. It's about using one's influence and passion to make a positive impact, especially in the lives of those less privileged. Jordan, a dedicated athlete and compassionate individual, has embarked on a remarkable journey that goes beyond the ordinary.

The Game-Changing 1%

The concept of giving back is not new to Jordan. Her love for volleyball, which ignited her sporting career, is not just about the game's technicalities; it's about the community, the shared dreams, and the countless opportunities it offers. Jordan believes that with the support of the volleyball community, they can channel just 1% of their salaries to create substantial change in underprivileged communities.

When we look around at the world with a desire to make it a better place we often think of grand gestures that should be made in order to do so. But what’s so beautiful about this campaign is that it highlights the fact that little by little, even if just by 1% each day, we can create a change bigger than we ever thought possible. - Jordan Thompson

The initiative began with Jordan and her team approaching fellow athletes and coaches, inviting them to be a part of this transformative journey. What started as a modest concept grew into a global team committed to giving back. Athletes and coaches from diverse corners of the globe have come together with a common purpose – to leverage the power of volleyball for change.

Magdalena Stysiak and Jordan Thompson with Let's Keep The Ball Flying

The beauty of this initiative lies in its simplicity. Just like a tiny fraction of a second can decide a game's outcome, 1% of one's income, when pooled together, can make an incredible difference. This seemingly small contribution has the potential to bring about a substantial transformation.

Launching the Movement: Changing the Game

As Jordan stands at the forefront of this campaign, she understands the magnitude of the task at hand. It's about much more than raising funds; it's about creating access to volleyball's world of opportunities, knowledge, and mentorship for those who rarely get the chance to play the sport.

Jordan's passion extends beyond the sport itself. It's about nurturing the next generation of athletes and change-makers, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds. Through mentorship programs and community involvement, Jordan aspires to inspire, guide, and empower young talents, ensuring that the impact of their efforts lasts long into the future.

Jordan Thompson with Let's Keep The Ball Flying

A Pledge to Change the Game

Jordan's participation in this campaign signifies her commitment to creating a lasting impact. Her actions epitomize the spirit of change that lives within athletes who want to do more than just play; they want to make the world a better place. As she leads the charge, Jordan is not just changing the game; she's changing lives.

This campaign reflects Jordan's sense of purpose, a belief that greatness isn't defined solely by individual achievements but by the collective efforts to change the lives of many. It's a powerful reminder that in the world of sports, as in life, we can effect real change. Jordan's journey is a testament to this, an inspiration for us all to do more and be more.

Gabi Guimaraes and Jordan Thompson with Let's Keep The Ball Flying

As we join Jordan on this remarkable journey, let's remember that each of us, like Jordan, has the potential to change the game. Let's make that 1% count for something extraordinary.

Unveiling the Impact: Where Your 1% Goes

While Jordan's dedication and leadership are driving this change, it's important to acknowledge the other founding members, the unsung heroes working behind the scenes to make this vision a reality. They, too, have committed 1% of their earnings to this cause, a testament to their shared belief in the power of volleyball to transform lives.

The fund created through these contributions will be dedicated to increasing the accessibility of volleyball in underprivileged areas. It will enable the provision of free global access to targeted knowledge, equipment, gear, and mentorship. This initiative goes beyond just improving the sport; it's about elevating communities, one per cent at a time.

Join the Movement: Become a Champion of Change

As we step into this new era of volleyball, it's not only Jordan and the founding athletes who are changing the game; it's all of us who choose to be part of this extraordinary movement.

Volleyball's global community has the power to make a profound difference. By coming together and pledging our support, we can ensure that every child, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of this beautiful sport.

Jordan and her fellow athletes have set the stage, and now it's your turn. Join the movement, and let's be champions of change. Together, we can elevate communities and keep the ball flying.

Remember, in this game, every fraction counts, and collectively, we have the potential to make an incredible impact.


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