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Tonnie de Jonge: Nurturing LKTBF's Heartbeat

In the beautiful tapestry of Let's Keep The Ball Flying (LKTBF), there's a remarkable figure whose dedication and warmth are woven into the very essence of our foundation. Meet Tonnie de Jonge, our esteemed treasurer, logistics maestro, and the 'dad' of our LKTBF family.

Tonnie de Jonge with Let's Keep The Ball Flying

Tonnie's Journey with LKTBF

From the very start of LKTBF, Tonnie has played a vital role as our steadfast treasurer. His careful financial oversight ensures that our projects run smoothly, reflecting the precision honed through years of entrepreneurial success.

Beyond his board duties, Tonnie's entrepreneurial expertise shines through. Having successfully managed multiple companies and possessing a wealth of logistics knowledge, he brings valuable experience to our operations, especially in our circular gear initiatives.

LKTBF Team at World Championships

Circular Gear Operations

Tonnie's impact extends into the practical realm of our circular gear operations. From forming essential partnerships for our logistics hub to orchestrating smooth gear shipments to projects, his hands-on involvement exemplifies the true spirit of a dedicated team member.

The Dad of LKTBF

As the oldest Fingerprint in LKTBF, Tonnie holds a special place in our hearts. Affectionately described as the 'dad' of our organization, his valuable insights and unparalleled kindness set a tone of familial warmth within the team. His presence resonates, making him a beloved figure in the LKTBF family.

LKTBF is more than an organization; it's one big family.

LKTBF Founder Lesley de Jonge reflects, "LKTBF is more than an organization; it's one big family. Having my family, both as volunteers and silent donors behind the scenes, be part of our growth is a beautiful thing. Tonnie, as a key member, exemplifies the essence of family, and I'm grateful for the support we extend to each other."

LKTBF Tonnie de Jonge

A Valued Member and Loved Figure

Tonnie's contributions go beyond roles; they embody the spirit of community and support that defines LKTBF. His kindness, wisdom, and dedication make him not just a valued member but a loved figure in our journey of using volleyball to create positive change.

As we shine a light on Tonnie de Jonge this month, we celebrate not just a treasurer or logistics expert but a guiding presence, a 'dad,' and an embodiment of the family spirit at the heart of Let's Keep The Ball Flying. Here's to Tonnie, a cherished member of our LKTBF family. 🏐✨💛

Thank you, Tonnie, for your unwavering commitment and the warmth you bring to our community! #LKTBFFamily #VolunteerSpotlight #VolleyballForChange


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