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Volleyball On High Tech Water Filter Sports Courts In South Africa

Join us as we dive into the incredible journey of one of our amazing fingerprints, Neele Rave, who recently embarked on a transformative two-month volunteer trip to South Africa. Through her work, Neele witnessed firsthand the power of volleyball in building communities, providing clean water, and creating a sense of joy among children facing challenging circumstances.

Creating Opportunities

During her time in South Africa, Neele's impact through volleyball was truly heartwarming. She made it her mission to provide each school she visited with 10 balls and a net, opening doors for these children to experience the joy of the sport they had longed for.

"Every day when I walked into the schools, it was a moment of pure magic."

Among the countless stories that touched Neele's heart were those of two boys, Gooiland and Otshepeng, aged 16 and 19, respectively. Despite their challenges, they found solace and a sense of community through volleyball. Otshepeng, who used to make his own volleyball out of old bottles, showed how a simple game can teach valuable life lessons and bring people together.

Neele in South Africa

The Power of Showing Up

By showing up and being present, Neele created a space where children felt safe to express themselves and learn the value of teamwork. The genuine gratitude and transformation she witnessed left her filled with pure joy, knowing that she was making a positive difference in their lives.

"Hugs had a very special meaning to the children; we have so many things we take for granted"

GreenSource Volley

Challenges and Resilience

Neele's journey was not without obstacles. The lack of resources for sports, combined with stark realities such as child malnutrition, drug abuse, and limited access to electricity, shed light on the tough living circumstances these children faced.

However, through it all, their resilience and unwavering spirit shone brightly as they embraced volleyball as a source of joy and connection. The joy of playing volleyball was something that gave children something to look forward to in the day.

Basic Necessities through GreenSrouce

As a part of the trip, the clean water project from the organization GreenSource was an important project which allowed water to be filtered through football fields in the area. Having the container with the filter system installed allows the kids to have access to clean water while playing sports as the tap water is undrinkable due to mining works in the area. At the moment the usage of these fields has much more potential to offer,

GreenSource Volley Container

Next Steps

The journey doesn't end here. Our next steps include engaging the local community, connecting court engagement to clean water access and maintenance, transporting volleyball equipment to GreenSource locations, and submitting a project proposal for long-term sustainability. By supporting this project, you can be a catalyst for change in these communities.

Support and Join the Movement

✨ Be a part of this incredible community and help us continue spreading joy and opportunities through volleyball. Support our mission here by making a difference today. Together, let's keep the ball flying and create a better tomorrow.

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