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An Emotional Return to Camp Moria

In 2017, volleyball couple Ehsan and Sheida their inflatable boat from Turkey to Lesbos sank with 45 passengers on board. Three of them didn't make it. Now, being back at the 'beach' where they were stranded, brought back all the difficult moments they encountered.

Ehsan and Sheida shooting their documentary in lesbos for Volley Beyond Borders

Ehsan and Sheida returned to Lesbos to face these horrible memories by sharing them. Together with our LKTBF Fingerprints, we are shooting a documentary about their emotional and inspiring journey as refugees. An intense story that should be shared all over the world inspiring hope for refugees in hopeless positions.

To bravely start on day 1, Ehsan and Sheida accepted an invitation to go on a small boat trip on that same ocean, following a visit to the old camp Moria. The former refugee camp has been destroyed by fire, releasing impressive moments.

Anecdotes from Ehsan and Sheida about their stay in Camp Moria were beyond imagination. The personal belongings that were left between the remains made it even more tangible.

Ehsan watching Sheida going back into the sea facing her fears

We are so thankful for these two beautiful persons to share their stories with us. During our stay in Lesbos, Ehsan and Sheida will explain to us how #volleyball has changed their lives forever while visiting multiple sights, meeting with other refugees, and visiting our volleyball for refugees project on the island.

Burned camp moria volley beyond borders

As we eagerly await the upcoming launch of their documentary, we invite you to embark on this emotional and inspiring journey with Ehsan and Sheida. Theirs is a tale of the human spirit, of overcoming adversity, and finding strength in unity.

Today, they dream of representing our sport around refugee communities all over the world, proving that the power of volleyball can ignite hope and dreams even in the darkest of times.

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