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Spike for a Cause: Piso Summer Camp Joins LKTBF in Making a Difference

LKTBF is excited to announce our partnership with Piso Summer Camp, an elite volleyball camp run by former Italian National Team player Giulia Pisani. The camp, which runs in collaboration with Italian Serie A1 women's volleyball club UYBA in Busto near Milano, is a fantastic opportunity for young volleyball players to improve their skills while also contributing to a good cause.

Piso Summer Camp

Part of the camp's revenue will be donated to support LKTBF's mission, which aims to elevate volleyball around the world and provide opportunities for young athletes. LKTBF's branding will also be visible on the camp jersey, helping to spread awareness of our organization and its mission.

Giulia Pisani is a highly respected figure in the world of Italian volleyball, having played for Team Italia and for several A1 teams in Italy, now hosting volleyball matches on Italian television. She is passionate about helping young players develop their skills and achieve their goals and is excited to partner with LKTBF to make a positive impact in the volleyball community.

"As someone who has been fortunate enough to have access to the sport throughout my life, I know how much it can impact a child's life and I want to help make that possible for as many children as I can," said Pisani.

I'm excited to explore different parts of the world where children have less access to volleyball and to see how I can help make an impact. - Giulia Pisani

As part of her commitment to LKTBF, Pisani will also visit one of their projects this summer to see firsthand the impact that volleyball can have in underserved communities.

Giulia Pisani Host

"I'm excited to explore different parts of the world where children have less access to volleyball and to see how I can help make an impact. Volleyball has given me so much throughout my life and I want to use my experiences and knowledge to give back," she added.

"We are honoured to partner with Piso Summer Camp and Giulia Pisani," said the founder of LKTBF. "Their commitment to developing young players and promoting women's volleyball aligns perfectly with our mission, and we look forward to working together to make a positive impact."

Giulia Pisani Piso Summer Camp

This partnership is a great example of how brands and organizations can work together to make a difference in the world of sports. By supporting LKTBF's mission, Piso Summer Camp is not only providing a valuable experience for young athletes but also helping to promote a sport that has the power to bring people together and inspire change.

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Join the LKTBF movement and make a lasting impact on the world of volleyball! By collaborating with us, your brand can enhance its visibility and engagement, while also contributing to a meaningful cause.

Let's Keep The Ball Flying is dedicated to making volleyball accessible to everyone, and we invite you to be a part of this mission. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work together to elevate volleyball and make a positive difference in the world.

Piso Summer Camp Partnership


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