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DHL Partners On The Equal Jersey Campaign at the Women's World Championships

To further solidify and celebrate the need for equality - and to be a role model for other sports - the Volleyball World Equal Jersey campaign invites the volleyball community, from players to fans and from stakeholders to sponsors, to champion gender equality.

Volleyball prides itself on an equal gender split in terms of TV rights, sponsorship and prize money and, in 2021, the Equal Jersey campaign was launched to raise awareness of equality in volleyball. The campaign has seen some of the sport's biggest stars wear the Equal Jersey during the Volleyball Nations League Finals in 2021 and 2022.

In 2022, the campaign was boosted further following the announcement of Volleyball World's partnership with Let's Keep The Ball Flying, which coincided with the VNL Finals, and saw Equal Jerseys worn by over 30 participants at the Volleyball4Life volleyball camp in Nepal. The camp was set up by LKTBF to promote equality, education, inclusion and empowerment, boosting equal access through the power of volleyball.

During the 2022 Volleyball Women's World Championships in the Netherlands, DHL - one of the world's leading global logistics brands - entered a partnership with Volleyball World and Let's Keep The Ball Flying that emphasises social sustainability and drives DHL's diversity and inclusion strategy, adding further weight to Volleyball World's mission of achieving gender equality and female empowerment.

With Volleyball World and DHL sharing similar values focused on sustainability and equality, efforts have been made to leverage these principles during the Women's World Championship. A special edition of the Equal Jersey featuring DHL is available exclusively on-site in the Netherlands during the championship for fans to purchase.

Together with Let's Keep The Ball Flying, activations on-site will see athlete signing sessions, photo opportunities and giveaways to keep fans engaged and informed.


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