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Uniting Hearts: LKTBF's Impactful Expedition in Colombia

In a groundbreaking expedition spanning three weeks, LKTBF embarked on a transformative journey through the heart of Colombia, forging powerful connections and fostering hope in communities touched by adversity.

Led by LKTBF founder Lesley de Jonge and Fingerprint Qionah Mardenborough, this extraordinary trip symbolized a profound commitment to harnessing the unifying power of volleyball for social change.

The seeds of this remarkable adventure were sown months prior when Natallia Lleras, the visionary leader behind Voleipaz in Cali, Colombia, journeyed to The Netherlands. There, amidst the electric atmosphere of the Women's World Championships, she crossed paths with the LKTBF team, igniting discussions about the transformative Voleipaz program.

Situated in the barrios of Cali, an area fraught with violence, Voleipaz aspires to transcend boundaries, foster sustainable connections between neighbourhoods, and provide underprivileged children with the opportunity to embrace the transformative power of sport.

Let's Keep The Ball Flying and Volei Paz in Colombia
Volei Paz Team with LKTBF

Bolstered by the shared vision of Voleipaz and LKTBF, plans for a collaborative visit took shape. Simultaneously, LKTBF deepened its connections within Colombia, forging alliances with national team athletes Maria Alejandra Marin, Andres Piza, and Madeleynne Montanyo, as well as passionate individuals like Cesar Villa and Camilo Abril.

United in purpose, the team orchestrated a multifaceted journey spanning three distinct locations. In Cali, the vibrant heart of the Voleipaz initiative, they witnessed firsthand the profound impact of volleyball in empowering marginalized communities.

Equal Jersey in Colombia with Let's Keep The Ball Flying

Continuing their odyssey, they traversed Barranquilla, engaging with local schools and collaborating with Andres Piza to orchestrate the Vball Uraba tour, a whirlwind voyage through four cities in the Uraba region.

Uruba Volleyball Tour with Volleytip and Let's Keep The Ball Flying

The journey culminated in Bogota, where a dynamic press conference showcased the collective efforts of LKTBF, its partners, and the indomitable spirit of Colombian youth. A testament to the power of collaboration, the trip bore fruit in myriad ways, with new brands and foundations joining the cause, generous donations of balls and gear enriching local communities, and the spirited participation of over 400 children illuminating the path forward.

As the dust settles on this extraordinary adventure, the echoes of community and connection resonate far and wide. Yet, our work is far from over. Join us in our mission to transform lives through volleyball, bridging divides and fostering hope in communities around the globe. Together, we can keep the ball flying and pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Join the LKTBF movement today and be a part of something truly extraordinary.


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