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Our History

The Dutch Volleyball Federation, Nevobo, received an award from the Nepal Volleyball Association (NVA) as an appreciation for three years of collaboration. Looking back; the FIVB, Nevobo, and the NVA collaborated towards an exemplary development project. Besides national team successes, volleyball has been declared by the Nepali government to be the National Sport of Nepal. According to the NVA president Mr. Manoranjan Sharma: “Volleyball in Nepal is blooming, like a flower”.

During the cooperation, 40 FIVB Level 1 coaches and 15 FIVB Level 2 coaches were educated, and over 1500 children participated in school programs. A total of 1.000 balls, 35 nets, and many volleyball jerseys have been provided to the NVA, clubs, schools, and kids in Nepal.

Nepal is visible again in the international volleyball family of FIVB Volleyball World, also because a documentary about this cooperation has been shown at the FIVB World Congress as a leading example. As you can see in the video below, the President of the Nevobo states:

We are both member if the FIVB, so why shouldn't we help each other. It is very important!

The multilateral cooperation between Nepal and the Netherlands inspired Dutch native, our Founding Director, Mr. Lesley de Jonge (who also was Nepal Men’s National Team Head Coach during the collaboration project) to create the Let’s Keep The Ball Flying Foundation (LKTBF).

LKTBF, in collaboration with the FIVB and the Nevobo, forms an umbrella for FIVB programs, existing programs, and the creation of new programs around the globe. Together they want to become the number one sport that serves the needs of the family through social development and humanitarian programs.

Founder Let's Keep The Ball Flying

We are a global community that believes every child deserves to play volleyball. Let’s Keep The Ball Flying collaborates with the worldwide volleyball community of players, coaches, clubs, fans, federations, and businesses. Collectively we can make a huge impact on social development, create inspiring projects, and give children all over the world an opportunity for extraordinary volleyball memories.

The Let's Keep The Ball Flying logo is made out of a fingerprint connected with a volleyball. Discover our projects and see how we are making an impact. For more information about our foundation, you can download our Foundation Brochure including details about our strategy for the coming two years.

It is time to grow bigger, connect, and make an impact.

Let's Keep The Ball Flying


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