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Our Future Plans in Greece

Our goals for the Volleyball for Refugees program in the next five years are focused on our Volleyball Leadership program. We hope to pursue these goals together with Yoga and Sport with Refugees (YSR).

The project that YSR in collaboration with LKTBF proposes is a Volleyball Leadership Program. We believe that Volleyball can play an integral role in breaking down barriers and facilitating successful integration into Europe. This way we want to provide our coaches and students with the best training possible for them to become coaches as well in this amazing sport.

"Through sport, people develop strength, hope, community, and eternal friendship."

The three main objectives we hope to achieve through this amazing new 5-year program are:

  1. Empowerment and skill development;

  2. Local integration through the removal of barriers between refugees and locals;

  3. Public and political advocacy through sport.

We strive to improve mental and physical well-being and to create community through sport. As our Volleyball4Life program is about empowering girls and their community, we provide similar courses in Greece as well.

Furthermore, there is an opportunity in Athens to work inside the camps in the future instead of just outside of the camps. This will provide more opportunities for people within the camp and can inspire many others to join and make a change in their life.

How will we achieve these goals?

The Leadership Program is for our volleyball coaches. At YSR, coaches are the main focus. Through them, we educate our beneficiaries. They have the central role in carrying out the volleyball program and we equip them with all the tools and skills they need to be the best coaches for their students. Now and in the future, transferable skills.

"Lets Keep The Ball Flying comes alive in here through our values: fun, inclusion, respect, equality, and empowerment."

The Dream

In 2027, we strive to have a big tournament in Greece with everyone that was a part of the Leadership program, both coaches and teams. We hope the level will be so high that we can afford the tournament by ticket sales and make this more accessible and continuous. The development that will be brought through this program will be life-changing for so many of our participants.

If you are inspired and want to help in one of these projects? Join our community!

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