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Olympic Gold Medalist Ron Zwerver Joined Forces

Dutch Eredivisie club Apollo 8 hosted a special event in which Olympic Gold Medalist Ron Zwerver and LKTBF Founder Lesley de Jonge joined forces in multiple inspiring sessions.

Ron Zwerver, Lesley de Jonge, Cindy Zandstra, and Frank Dijkmans

It all started last year, with Apollo 8 Manager Frank Dijkmans, who showed tremendous commitment to supporting LKTBF by collecting a ton of gear and materials with their club to donate to our Happiness Project. Simultaneously, Frank managed to print the Let's Keep The Ball Flying fingerprint logo on all warm-up jerseys in collaboration with multiple club sponsors.

Now, one year ahead, Apollo 8 gear and materials have been shipped and donated to our projects in Tanzania and the Caribbean Island of Bonaire. As we were very impressed with Frank his effort and commitment, we tried to give something back.

It all started with a volleyball clinic for the Apollo 8 boys teams between 10-19 years old. Ron and Lesley exchanged different tips and tricks to upgrade the boy's skills.

After the clinic, Ron Zwerver, Lesley de Jonge, and LKTBF Fingerprint Cindy Zandstra were invited to the VIP room from Apollo 8 in which they were received by special club members, ex-board members, and business club sponsors for a dinner session,

Ron Zwerver presented his new book and shared multiple highlights of his story towards his Olympic Gold medal with the Dutch National Team in 1996. Lesley de Jonge and Cindy Zandstra presented their story highlighting the rise of Let's Keep The Ball Flying and Lesley his experiences in Nepal coaching their National Team towards the Asian Games.

The last part of the program was an open session, during which many interested people in the cozy club-home of Apollo 8 could ask both Ron Zwerver and Lesley de Jonge questions.

Funny anecdotes about cultural differences were shared, some very unique insights into the process towards an Olympic Gold Medal, and Lesley de Jonge his inspiring vision of his future leaving Europe and letting people in different circumstances experience the power of our volleyball community.

The evening came to an end with a book signing session with Ron Zwerver and a 300 dollar cheque for the Let's Keep The Ball Flying Foundation, donated by Apollo 8. A very successful day, hosted by Apollo 8 manager Frank Dijkmans, who deserves a very warm hug of gratefulness as well as Ron Zwerver and Apollo 8!

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