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Nienke de Vries: A Guiding Force in LKTBF's Journey

In the heart of Let's Keep The Ball Flying (LKTBF), one name has been synonymous with dedication and commitment from the very beginning — Nienke de Vries. More than just the Secretary of the Board, Nienke embodies the spirit of volleyball both on and off the court, bringing her passion for the game into the realm of social impact.

Nienke de Vries Let's Keep The Ball Flying
Nienke on the right presenting LKTBF

A Volleyball Enthusiast:

Nienke's journey with volleyball began not just as a volunteer but as a player, a role she embraced with the same fervour that characterizes her volunteering. From playing to volunteering, she found herself deeply connected to the community that surrounds the sport.

Mom, Player, Volunteer:

Beyond the volleyball court, Nienke is a mom of two, sharing her love for the game with her family. Partnered with Stephan Blaauw, himself an enthusiastic LKTBF volunteer, they've created a household immersed in the values of teamwork, community, and giving back.

Nienke de Vries during King of the Court
Nienke sets the ball with the LKTBF Beach team

In the Social Domain:

Nienke's impact extends beyond the court as she works in the social domain, merging her professional expertise with her passion for community service. Her dual role reflects the seamless integration of her personal and professional life into the ethos of LKTBF.

Volunteer in the Picture:

As we celebrate Nienke her presence with LKTBF, it's a recognition of the countless hours, boundless energy, and unwavering commitment she brings to LKTBF. As a crucial member of the board, she shapes and maintains a clear vision for the foundation, ensuring that every initiative aligns with our core values.

In the dynamic world of social impact, Nienke's keen insight serves as our compass. Her role involves more than routine; she orchestrates the regular biweekly board meetings, where discussions unfold to guide LKTBF's trajectory. Once a month, an extraordinary board meeting delves into topics demanding dedicated time and attention.

These meetings are more than just gatherings—they're moments of reflection, strategizing, and ensuring that every decision resonates with our mission. Nienke's eye for detail and commitment to the cause shine through, grounding us in our purpose.

Nienke de Vries volunteer at LKTBF
Nienke in the bottom right with LKTBF volunteers at the Women World Championships

Closing Thoughts:

In every serve, and in every task, Nienke de Vries is shaping the narrative of LKTBF. She stands as a testament to the idea that, indeed, one person can make a difference. Here's to Nienke — a mom, a volleyball player, a volunteer, and the heartbeat of Let's Keep The Ball Flying. 👏🏐

✨ Thank you, Nienke, for your outstanding contribution! ✨ #VolunteerSpotlight #LKTBFCommunity #VolleyballForChange


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