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Fundraising with Purpose: Inspiring Ideas to Support Let's Keep The Ball Flying

Did you know that countless children in the world can't play volleyball because they don't have balls, a net, or gear, or simply because they are born as a girl?

As the vibrant volleyball community at Let's Keep The Ball Flying (LKTBF) continues to grow, there are numerous ways to show your support and contribute to our mission of creating equal access to volleyball for everyone.

Whether you're an enthusiastic volunteer or a dedicated supporter, hosting a volleyball marathon or organizing a fundraiser can make a significant difference in supporting LKTBF's efforts.

LKTBF in Kenya

One of the girls in our Volleyball4Life Project told her moving story about begging, mistreatment, abuse, being sold and married off, fleeing, and living on the streets with drug addiction! She had a whole life behind her but was only 13 years old...

We gave her one of the donated jerseys and she put it on. All the girls wore the same jerseys. At that moment, she smiled from ear to ear and said: "This is the first time I've belonged to a group because we all wear the same jersey."

LKTBF in Tanzania

Imagine the gratifying smile on children's faces when they receive a ball to play with, a real jersey to wear, and the impact on their life when they finally feel like they belong to a group. Can you imagine the impact of your support?

In this article, we'll explore creative tips and inspiring ideas for fundraising to empower volleyball communities worldwide.


1. Volleyball Marathons: A Day of Impact

The best volleyball event of the year in your gym? 24 hours of non-stop volleyball for charity including super cool side events. We got you covered! Organizing a volleyball marathon can be an exciting way to raise funds for LKTBF (and your team) while promoting the spirit of the game.

Consider partnering with local volleyball clubs, gyms, or community centres to host the event and maximize participation. Encourage participants to seek pledges from family and friends for every hour or match they play, amplifying the impact of each participant's contribution.

Want to make it happen? We've done all the pre-work for you and we will guide you all the way through the process!

2. Crowdfunding for a Cause

We are excited to introduce our digital fundraising platform that empowers you to host your own personalized campaign for LKTBF. Similar to crowdfunding websites like GoFundMe, our platform allows you to create a dedicated fundraising page where you can share your story, set fundraising goals, and invite friends, family, and supporters to contribute to your cause.

With our digital fundraising platform, your campaign becomes a reflection of your passion for volleyball and dedication to supporting LKTBF's mission. Use the platform's tools to customize your campaign with images, videos, and personalized messages. Share your connection with LKTBF and why this cause matters to you, inspiring others to join you in making a positive impact.

LKTBF fundraise platform

Extra Tip: Set up a Birthday Donation Fundraiser

Creating a birthday fundraiser is a popular way to give back to a cause you’re passionate about on your special day. It works by choosing an organization or cause you’d like to raise money for, then asking friends and family members to forgo birthday gifts and donate to your fundraiser instead.

If you’d like to shake things up this year, this guide provides birthday fundraiser ideas and explains how to create a birthday fundraiser that everyone can celebrate.

LKTBF Birthday fundraiser

3. Partnerships and Collaboration

Volleyball coach Remko Kenter published a 100+ Action Volley drills and exercises manual. He is selling his book for €12.50 and makes sure that from each sold book, €2,50 will be donated toward Let' Keep The Ball Flying.

Let's Keep The Ball Flying is growing because of the generous help of donors, ambassadors, and partners. Check out our Connections blog for several best practices or visit our partnerships page to get involved.


Supporting Let's Keep The Ball Flying goes beyond financial contributions – it's about coming together as a community to advocate for equal access to volleyball and inspire positive change worldwide.

Whether you choose to host a volleyball marathon, organize a fundraiser, or embark on any other creative endeavour, your efforts make a meaningful impact on global volleyball communities.

Embrace the spirit of unity and passion for the sport, and let's keep the ball flying towards a world where everyone has the opportunity to experience the joy and power of volleyball.


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