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Neele Rave Takes the Lead as Captain of Fingerprints

At Let's Keep The Ball Flying (LKTBF), our Fingerprints are the heartbeat of our organization. They are the driving force behind our mission to make volleyball accessible to all and create positive change in communities worldwide.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to someone who embodies the spirit of LKTBF and has been making waves in our community: Neele Rave, our new Captain of Fingerprints.

Neele Rave new Captain of Fingerprints at LKTBF

Neele's journey with LKTBF started over a year ago, and her dedication and passion for our cause have been nothing short of inspiring. During her time as a Fingerprint, Neele has been an instrumental part of several initiatives that have left a lasting impact on communities in need.

Among her notable contributions, Neele played a key role in raising an impressive 3000 euros to support our Greensource Volley project while volunteering in South Africa. Her commitment to sustainability and making a difference in underserved communities has truly set her apart as a beacon of change.

Beyond her involvement in Greensource Volley, Neele has been an integral part of our event successes. From supporting the very first LKTBF Volley Marathon to being a driving force during the FIVB Women's World Championships in 2022, her dedication to creating vibrant volleyball communities knows no bounds.

It is with immense pride that we announce Neele's new role as the Captain of Fingerprints. In this critical position, she will be the guiding force behind recruiting, training, and retaining our invaluable volunteers.

Her enthusiasm and leadership will be instrumental in ensuring our volunteers are fully engaged and motivated to support our mission, taking LKTBF's impact to new heights.

Neele Rave Let's Keep The Ball Flying
Founder and Chief of Community Lesley de Jonge, Captain of Inspiration Niccolo Boggio, Captain of Fingerprints Neele Rave, and Legends MVP Justyna Zientek (l.t.r.).

Key Responsibilities of Neele Rave as Captain of Fingerprints:

1. Develop and Implement Volunteer Strategy:

Neele will spearhead the development and implementation of a comprehensive volunteer strategy that aligns with LKTBF's organizational goals and values. This strategy will be the blueprint for empowering our volunteer community and amplifying their impact.

2. Foster a Positive Volunteer Culture:

Neele will cultivate a positive and supportive volunteer culture that values passion, inclusivity, and collaboration. Through open communication and collective efforts, she aims to create a welcoming environment where every volunteer feels connected and empowered.

3. Build Strong Volunteer Relationships:

Building and maintaining strong relationships with our volunteers is vital to their engagement and long-term commitment. Neele will actively connect with our volunteer community, recognizing their unique contributions and ensuring they have the resources they need to thrive.

When asked about her new role, Neele shared, "I am honoured to be given this opportunity to serve as the Captain of Fingerprints. Being part of LKTBF has been an incredible journey of growth, and I am eager to inspire fellow volunteers to make a tangible difference in the lives of others through volleyball. Together, we will continue to make our mark in the world and bring our vision of equal access to volleyball to fruition."

Being part of LKTBF has been an incredible journey of growth - Neele Rave

LKTBF Founder, Lesley de Jonge, expressed his gratitude, saying, "Neele's dedication and unwavering commitment to our cause have been truly awe-inspiring. As our new Captain of Fingerprints, her leadership will undoubtedly elevate our volunteer community, enabling us to create an even greater positive impact globally."

Neele Rave in South Africa fr LKTBF

As we celebrate Neele's new role, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our Fingerprints. Each individual plays a vital role in driving our mission forward, and together, we are creating a volleyball movement that transcends boundaries and empowers communities worldwide.

Join Neele Rave and all our Fingerprints in their unwavering dedication to LKTBF's vision. Together, we will continue to Keep The Ball Flying and make a lasting difference in the lives of others.


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