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✨Meaningful Volleydays

Every gesture we choose to make, whether small or large, speaks of us and tells of the values we believe in, the goals we set for ourselves, and the future we dream of.

Day in and day out, our team works on the front lines to offer boys and girls the opportunity from all over the world to have access to the sport of volleyball. Thanks to the numerous projects, active in Nepal, Pakistan, Tanzania, refugee camps, and many other areas of the world, our volunteers help to give moments of joy and lightness, which should never be denied to anybody!

Touching Hearts

These are the values that sports can convey. Values we believe in, as people and as an organization, and which we pursue every day striving for a better world. If you can relate to these values, I would like you to reflect with gratitude on what life has given us. These special days of celebration can be a cause of joy for everyone.

A moment of absolute sharing so you can touch the deepest meaning of the holidays and the precious hope that moments like these can still give us and the whole world.

Impactful Achievements

With your help this year we were able to collect an impactful amount of volleyball gear which was not only collected but also redistributed to serve and inspire individuals around the world. With the support of our volunteers, we're so grateful to be able to have the opportunity to share our passion for Volleyball and share our knowledge and resources with those in need.

We are grateful that in this amazing, eventful, and inspirational year we were able to distribute 637 balls, 20 nets, and 850 jerseys to ongoing projects in 11 different countries!

Click here to check out our active projects and what we hope to achieve with our amazing volleyball community!

Our Amazing Partners

With the purpose of serving other people and volleyball communities around us, Volleyball World partnered with us during the Women's Volleyball Championships this year. We are beyond grateful to have the opportunity to connect with the Equal Jersey project in Collaboration with Volleyball World and our ambassadors. All donations will go to our projects to inspire and help create equal access to our sport.

"We believe in empowering the volleyball community to create an equal playing field regardless of gender, beliefs, or economic background – that is why this partnership is important to us." - Finn Taylor | CEO @Volleyball World

Share your Christmas Spirit and together, we can Keep The Ball Flying! If you would like to contribute to one of our projects and inspire someone in need, you can donate here.

We wish you joyful holidays filled with love and support!

Your LKTBF Family 💛


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