The LKTBF Dreamteam battle versus COVID-19

Volleyball is more than just a game. Particularly now, in these difficult COVID-19 times, we can show that our volleyball community is influential and strong.

Early 2020, after successful projects in Nepal, Let's Keep The Ball Flying (LKTBF) established with an important goal: to gather global support and help to support social development projects related to volleyball.

Dream Team

We are proud that several top coaches, players, and clubs in the volleyball community have already expressed their support in the development of LKTBF. Together with these top leaders, we are trying to develop our dream team in these challenging times, which will enable us to accelerate further plans.

Big names like Vakifbank, Giovanni Guidetti, Mark Lebedew, Jan de Brandt, Milena Rašić, Sanja Malagurski, and Gabi Guimarães have already expressed their support and together we are trying to expand our dream team. Besides, LKTBF is in talks with the FIVB to further roll-out a joint project plan.

In the coming period, we will try to expand our network and bundle joint strategies and ideas in our further roll-out. If you would like to inform us about existing projects or if you would like to think along with us about our development, please contact us via info@lktbf.org.

Let's Keep The Ball Flying!


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