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Unifying for Equality: LKTBF and Volleyball World Join Forces at VNL 2023

In a remarkable collaboration, Let's Keep The Ball Flying (LKTBF) and Volleyball World joined forces during the prestigious Volleyball Nations League (VNL). While Volleyball World promoted an Equal Sport with finalists wearing the Equal Jersey, LKTBF focused on advocating for Equal Access to the sport together with participating teams. The partnership aimed to create a positive impact in the volleyball community by combining the goals of inclusivity and equality.

Wilfredo Leon wearing the Equal Jersey for LKTBF
Wilfredo Leon wearing the Equal Jersey during the VNL Final

Equal Jersey and Equal Access

Volleyball World's Equal Sport campaign gained momentum during the VNL finals, capturing the essence of gender equality and breaking stereotypes within the sport. Meanwhile, LKTBF championed the cause of Equal Access, striving to ensure that volleyball becomes accessible to all, especially in underserved communities around the world.

LKTBF Founder Lesley de Jonge and Thailand star Nootsara Tomkom donating gear in Thailand
LKTBF Founder Lesley de Jonge and Thailand star Nootsara Tomkom in Thailand

The collaboration between the two organizations represented a powerful combination of ideals, pushing for a volleyball world where equal opportunities and equal treatment are embraced.

Partnerships with National Teams

LKTBF collaborated closely with various national teams during the VNL to expand their mission of Equal Access. These partnerships included Team Canada and USA represented by LKTBF ambassadors Kiera van Ryk and Cody Kessel.

Also, The Netherlands, Brazil, and VNL champions Turkey and Poland joined the collaboration. During the VNL Finals in Poland, captain Bartosz Kurek and Equal Jersey wearer Wilfredo Leon made sure to donate an extra 20 nets, 10 balls, 60 bags, and 100 jerseys to our Equal Access campaign,

Kurek and Lesley de jonge donating gear LKTBF team Poland
Poland Captain Bartosz Kurek symbolically hands over donations after winning gold

Gear and Equipment Collection

During the VNL, LKTBF actively collected used gear and equipment from the national teams involved in the collaboration. The collected items are donated to grassroots volleyball projects in host countries, Thailand and The Philippines.

This initiative was a testament to LKTBF's dedication to creating vibrant volleyball communities and providing opportunities for aspiring players in regions with limited access to proper equipment.

Ambassadors' Involvement

LKTBF's passionate ambassadors played a crucial role in supporting the gear donation campaign and interacting with grassroots projects. In Thailand, esteemed star Nootsara Tomkom collaborated with LKTBF, while Philippines professional player and Founder of the Spike & Serve Foundation, Nicole Tiamzon, lent her support in The Philippines in collaboration with the Philippines Volleyball Federation.

Nootsara Tomkom and Lesley de Jonge with LKTBF in Bangkok Thailand
Nootsara Tomkom Joining LKTBF in Bangkok Thailand

Impactful Visits and Donations

Together with LKTBF Founder Lesley de Jonge and Fingerprint Milene van Arendonk, these ambassadors visited grassroots projects, conducted volleyball training sessions, and donated the collected gear and equipment.

The visits were filled with heartwarming moments and emotional connections. Witnessing the impact of volleyball on the lives of young athletes in these communities was truly inspiring.

The joy and enthusiasm radiating from the children and their coaches reaffirmed the importance of LKTBF's mission to promote Equal Access. The gear and equipment donations injected new life into the grassroots projects, igniting a spark of hope for the aspiring volleyball players.

Promoting Equal Opportunities

Beyond the VNL collaboration, LKTBF remains steadfast in its vision of creating equal opportunities for all through the power of volleyball. Our commitment extends beyond the tournament and reaches deep into the heart of underserved communities.

By empowering young athletes and providing access to proper resources, LKTBF aims to foster a global volleyball family that celebrates unity, diversity, and equal opportunities for everyone involved.


The collaboration between Let's Keep The Ball Flying and Volleyball World during the Volleyball Nations League exemplified the combined strength of Equal Sport and Equal Access initiatives.

Together, they showcased the transformative potential of volleyball as a force for positive change. As the global volleyball community continues to unite, LKTBF and Volleyball World's shared vision of a more inclusive and equitable volleyball world shines brighter than ever.



  1. How can I support Let's Keep The Ball Flying and Volleyball World's initiatives? You can support the initiatives by volunteering, donating, or contributing to their respective causes. Both organizations welcome passionate individuals who share the same vision.

  2. Are there other upcoming collaborations between the two organizations? Yes, Let's Keep The Ball Flying and Volleyball World plan to collaborate on more projects in the future, aiming to drive positive change in the volleyball community.

  3. What are the long-term goals of LKTBF's Equal Access campaign? LKTBF envisions a future where volleyball is accessible to all, regardless of background or circumstance. LKTBF aims to create a lasting impact and empower communities worldwide through volleyball.

  4. How can I donate used gear and equipment to LKTBF? You can contact Let's Keep The Ball Flying through their website to inquire about gear donations and their ongoing initiatives.

  5. Can I become an ambassador for Let's Keep The Ball Flying? Yes, Let's Keep The Ball Flying welcomes individuals who are passionate about volleyball and want to make a positive impact. You can express your interest in becoming an ambassador through their official Legends program here.


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