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Bulletproof Performance Partners To Support Equal Access To Physical Training

Limited resources are often the biggest obstacle for players to become the best version of themselves. Let's Keep The Ball Flying partner Bulletproof Performance hopes to be a leaning shoulder for future Volleyball athletes.

How Bulletproof Performance First Started

Bulletproof Performance is a company that focuses on both performances as well as the safety of the players. Founder Anja Borsheim was inspired by her own experience as a young player when she was in Norway.

She found that there was little support within the academy which led to a lot of unnecessary injuries and limited her to develop as an athlete. Anja works both in the physio clinic as well as on the court. She hopes to create a full circle movement with Let's Keep The Ball Flying, and wants to be the closing bridge between the players and their future development.

"Volleyball is a sport where people play it for the love of the sport. However, there are often very limited resources for many people so we want to help build that community."

Their Collaboration with LKTBF

Let's Keep The Ball Flying aligned with her passion for the sport and the cause of creating an equal playing field for everyone.

David is one of the examples; he runs one of the projects in Tanzania where he's implemented a lot of the training from the Bulletproof Academy with his players. They have found creative ways despite limited supplies and equipment to make training work. With the help of Bulletproof Performance, he can teach classes and help provide the kids with resources many kids do not have.

"It's very inspiring that you can make it work. If there is a will, there is a way!"

Many of the players from the projects of LKTBF are currently in the Bulletproof Academy. Anja and her two partners Nathalia and Carlos are hoping to keep the connection between their Academy and Bulletproof Performance more sustainable.

"We want to be the one-stop shot for Volleyball players. It is more than just the sport, it's about teamwork, taking responsibility and friendships."

They set up the platform so that for each paying member that they have, they will give free access to somebody in the LKTBF projects. The goal is to help professionalize some of the players which are adopted in the Let's Keep The Ball Flying program.

Future Goals

Bulletproof Performance hopes to make the website more interactive in helping spread the awareness of the foundation. For example, where people can volunteer, where there are camps and tournaments around the world, and how to take part in it.

Would you like to know more about what you can do to help spread awareness? Share our stories with your friends and help us build our volleyball community.

✨If there is a will there is a way! ✨

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