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Redefining Greatness: The Power of 1% in Volleyball

In the world of sports, greatness is often measured by victories, medals, and records. But true greatness transcends individual achievements. Because the road to greatness is never straightforward; it's marked by highs and lows, twists and turns. It's in these moments that we unite as a team, supporting one another when it's needed most.

Top volleyball athletes donate 1% for Let's Keep The Ball Flying

That's why athletes from diverse corners of the globe have come together with a common purpose - to leverage the power of volleyball for change.

By coming together and pledging our support, we will ensure that every child, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of this beautiful sport.

Zehra Gunes and Jordan Thompson with Let's Keep The Ball Flying

It's about more than just a game; it's about building a brighter future. Together we can make sure the ball keeps flying, on and off the court. Here's how.

In volleyball, even the smallest change, a mere 1%, can alter the course of a game. A shift in angle, a slightly more powerful serve, or a fraction of a second's advantage can be the difference between victory and defeat.

In the same way, 1% can be a game-changer beyond the court. By donating just 1% of our salaries, we can make a profound difference in underprivileged communities. It's a small percentage, yet, as in volleyball, it can result in a powerful impact.

This 1% contribution isn't just a number; it's a symbol of our commitment to making a tangible difference. It's a reminder that every fraction counts, whether on the court or in the lives of those less fortunate.

Jordan Thompson with Let's Keep The Ball Flying

The fund created through these donations, will be channeled into increasing the accessibility of volleyball in underprivileged areas. Free global access to targeted knowledge, equipment, gear, and mentorship that allows these communities to experience the joy and benefits of volleyball.

It's about not only improving the sport but elevating communities. One per cent at a time.

Let's Change the Game.

Let's Keep The Ball Flying.


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