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From Dream to Reality: The Evolution of Let's Keep The Ball Flying

In a world where conformity often dictates our choices, there are individuals like Lesley de Jonge who defy the norm and carve their own path. Through courage, determination, and unwavering passion, Lesley has transformed his dream into a global movement that is changing lives one volley at a time.

The journey began with a simple realization: volleyball is more than just a game; it's a catalyst for change and unity. After years of coaching and experiencing the profound impact of volleyball firsthand, Lesley made the bold decision to step away from the conventional coaching career and embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

Lesley takes viewers on a journey through pivotal decisions that shaped the Let's Keep The Ball Flying movement. From sacrificing financial security by selling his house to funding his own travels and living costs,

Lesley de Jonge with Let's Keep The Ball Flying

Lesley's unwavering commitment to his dream is evident. Despite facing scepticism and uncertainty, he chose to embrace the unknown and follow his passion for empowering communities through volleyball.

As the video progresses, viewers witness the growth of Let's Keep The Ball Flying from a mere idea to a global movement. Partnerships with organizations like Volleyball World and the FIVB, support from volunteers and ambassadors, and the expansion of initiatives across multiple countries highlight the impact of Lesley's choices.

Lesley de Jonge with LKTBF at the Volleyball Nations League

Lesley encourages viewers to break free from societal expectations, embrace their passions, and redefine success on their own terms. His words resonate as a reminder that every individual has the power to shape their destiny and make a difference in the world.

Lesley de Jonge in Tanzania with Let's Keep The Ball Flying

In closing, Lesley extends an invitation to join the Let's Keep The Ball Flying community and be part of a movement that is transforming lives through the power of volleyball.


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