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The Butterfly Effect of Volleyball

How coincidences can lead to making a difference. Marrijtje has been involved with Let's Keep the Ball Flying for the past 2 years as the boards' president. She shares the passions and dreams of helping people in need through the power of sports specifically #Volleyball. She hopes to use sports as a means to make the world a better place.

The Story

On 28th of December, Marrijtje and another volunteer were planning to go to Zanzibar, Tanzania to visit one of the projects of the LKTBF community. As part of the Happiness project, they had 2 big suitcases filled with volleyball gear ready to be donated. The flight to Zanzibar had a layover from 30 hours in Nairobi.

With this layover, the initial reaction was, "We are stuck". However, when Marrijtje contacts Lesley, our founder, he saw it as an opportunity for them to visit the project in Nairobi.

Samuel Gacharira, who is the local ambassador and has been involved in the core activities in the Nairobi LKTBF project was able to pick them up. Everything was organized within one hour and they were able to meet the coaches and children in the area.

Challenges To Be Faced

There are issues and cultural challenges which bring difficulties in the daily lives of children living in Githurai. One of them is that when it rains their fields are underwater and it doesn't allow the kids to play #Volleyball there for the next few days.

The facilities are underdeveloped and don't allow for safe playing areas. Sometimes they would play on the property next to the railroads. Because it is private property, they are limited to the space in which they can play in.

Many of the girls cannot play Volleyball due to safety issues regarding the area of Githurai.

"Being able to do all these sports is something that we sometimes take for granted. It always gives an eye-opening perspective when visiting the projects because there is a chance to connect and make a change in people's lives."

Using Volleyball To Make A Difference

The warm welcome made them feel safe as soon as they got there. With being able to donate #Volleyball equipment such as jerseys, balls, and nets the kids had the biggest smiles on their faces.

"This was one of the best moments of the vacation. Seeing them being so happy about such a small contribution makes you realise how impactful your actions and the actions of Let's Keep The Ball Flying are. I think sports is really important to give new perspective and change lives of others. It shows that the small things really matter and can make an impact."

Marrijtje's Connection With Let's Keep The Ball Flying

The dream is to help people in need through the power of sports, specifically volleyball. Her biggest passion is track and running, specifically using sport as a means to make the world a better place.

She was amazed by how efficient the communication was and to get things arranged so quickly. It really shows the power of the community and close network that Volleyball can provide.

Marrijtje joining the training session
“Volleyball is another language. Although we could not communicate with the children, we could play Volleyball together. It can create such a powerful connection between people.”

Creating a safe community for children to learn and be able to play volleyball is a big step towards creating opportunities and making a change in children's life. She hopes to keep contributing to the projects within Nairobi and continue her story which started there.

We are very thankful for her contribution and time to help make an impact. Would you like to be part of this story? Join our community and start building your legacy.


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