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Igniting 2024: A Journey Beyond Volleyball's Horizon

Dive into the heart of 2024 with Lesley de Jonge, founder of Let's Keep The Ball Flying (LKTBF), as he unfolds the exhilarating prospects that await us this year. The ignition began with the impactful launch of the 1% Movement, where star athletes unite for a cause that transcends victories on the court.

The women's campaign has already captured hearts, with the men's campaign shrouded in anticipation. Behind the scenes, a dynamic team of global experts, led by the remarkable John Kessel, is crafting a revolutionary volleyball toolkit.

This toolkit, set to be a game-changer, promises to provide knowledge, mentorship, gear, equipment, and a sense of community support.

The journey ahead is filled with exciting ventures. From exploring vibrant volleyball communities in Latin America and supporting partners in Portugal to attending the VNL in Japan and the Philippines, each step is a testament to LKTBF's commitment to expanding volleyball communities worldwide.

As Lesley expresses gratitude for the growing partnerships supporting LKTBF, he extends an invitation to explore the year's possibilities. Subscribe to the newsletter on the website and join the global movement. The ball is flying, and the adventure has just begun!


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