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Highlighting the significance of volleyball on IDSDP 2021

Volleyball builds valuable communities within teams, and across the sporting world as a whole. Let's Keep the Ball Flying is celebrating the power of our sport at today's International Day of Sports for Development and Peace.

It is the togetherness that makes volleyball a force for driving social development. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we gave a powerful impulse linking the sense of togetherness of volleyball to sport for development projects in unique places.

With Let's Keep the Ball Flying (LKTBF), we connect our global volleyball family to social awareness and a way to help people in need. With inspiring local ambassadors, we make an incredible impact emphasizing equal access and women's empowerment.

Volleyball for Refugees in Greece

When you live in a place where the only thing you can think of is 'how to survive?' sport is a way out from all the anxiety and stress. This little moment during the day, there is a short period where all sorrow makes space for playing, having fun, and kindness.

Volleyball for Future in Syria

In some circumstances, especially during conflict, playing sports is as important as bread. Kids can play and smile, but the moment you have seen a smile full of hope from a young girl in a conflict zone, it will change you for life.

Volleyball4Life in Nepal

Our local ambassador Kopila Uprety fled from her own family in the jungle and became a national team player. Now she inspires girls in rural areas of Nepal and supports them to build an independent future using the power of volleyball.

Volleyball for girls in Pakistan

Establishing the first-ever volleyball academy for girls in a country with gender violence takes courage! Our local ambassador Misbah Hinah is clear in her message: "Believe in yourself and you must know that it isn't always easy to be a female athlete in any society, people will always try to drag you down. All you have to do is to stand tall and don't be afraid to speak up for yourself."

IDSDP 2021

To celebrate IDSDP 2021, we want to amplify these incredible stories to break down gender barriers, tear down discrimination, foster multilateral partnerships, and above all, provide hope for a better future unlocking the power of volleyball!

Sport is, and will always be, an amazing bridge that can help navigate through challenging times. Specifically, volleyball builds valuable communities within teams, and across the sporting world as a whole. And this makes it intrinsically powerful in addressing the "imbalance of life" in underprivileged places.

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