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Connecting Community: LKTBF Joins Forces with Power Volleyball

In a remarkable stride toward global volleyball empowerment, Let's Keep The Ball Flying (LKTBF) proudly announces its partnership with Power Volleyball, the world's premier independent volleyball media outlet. This synergy marks the fusion of shared passions and a commitment to make volleyball accessible worldwide.

partnership Power Volleyball and Let's Keep The Ball Flying

The Partnership Unveiled

Power Volleyball, known for connecting with a vast community of volleyball enthusiasts, will leverage its influential platforms to raise awareness for LKTBF's mission. In return, LKTBF gains invaluable access to the media expertise of Power Volleyball.

Radovan Milenkovic, Power Volleyball CEO:

"Our collaboration with LKTBF aligns with our mission of uniting volleyball enthusiasts globally. Together, we're poised to amplify the sport's impact and extend its reach to every corner of the world."

Both organizations will embark on a collaborative journey, engaging in biweekly meetings to build shared projects. As part of this partnership, Power Volleyball will contribute an additional 10 hours of content and marketing support each month, fortifying the foundations of both causes.

Lesley de Jonge, Founder of LKTBF:

"This partnership is a testament to the collective power of our shared love for volleyball. With Power Volleyball by our side, we're not just building a stronger community but also creating ripples of positive change worldwide."

The first powerful result of the partnership was the launch of the 1% movement in collaboration with 20 volleyball stars:

As the chapters of this vibrant partnership unfold, we extend an invitation to the global volleyball community. Join hands with Let's Keep The Ball Flying and Power Volleyball in our quest to elevate the spirit of volleyball worldwide. Whether you're a player, a fan, or an advocate of positive change, your presence magnifies the impact of our shared journey.

Together, let's serve an ace for change, foster inclusivity, and propel the game we love to new heights. Join the movement, and let's make volleyball history, one united play at a time! 🏐✨ #VolleyballForChange #GlobalUnity


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