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New Diamond Academy Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal - Netherlands and Nepal (sitting next to each other at the FIVB World congress) are working together for already three years. Their goal is to grow volleyball as Nepal's national game.

After one hour driving the scooter from central Kathmandu through dust and hills you arrive at New Diamond Academy. A very small school, where young kids get to learn volleyball early in the morning and after school every day. The court is on sand and everyday the lines are freshly prepared with white cement. All kids take responsibility in keeping the court clean and tidy. The amazing part is that this little school already delivered several national team players. Mr. Kumar Rai, the school's principal, father and, volleyball coach is extremely motivated and waking up every day trying to give the children of his school a bright future. A great example of keeping the ball flying together!

Let's Keep The Ball Flying made sure New Diamond Academy got some new volleyballs and materials to keep being able to work hard every day as well as a special clinic from Nepal's National Team Head Coach.

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