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2022 Wrapped! ✨

What an amazing year it has been, full of excitement, learning, and gratitude. We are so happy to have a team of now 22 volunteers that dedicates their time and passion! 💛 Thank you for your commitment to our community and all the ways you make our foundation great! Below you can read about the achievements of the last LKTBF Year!

Volleycation in Greece

Marloes who returned from a special mission, our Refugees mini-series to the Netherlands shared her amazing experiences of working for months in a refugee camp in Greece.

In a 6 episode mini-series of Volleycation, we visit our Volleyball With Refugees project with former refugees and LKTBF Ambassadors Ehsan & Sheida.

Playing Volleyball with refugees can:

  1. Promote cultural exchange and integration

  2. Provide a fun and healthy activity for both refugees and local communities

  3. Help build relationships and foster understanding between different groups

  4. Provide a positive distraction from difficult circumstances

  5. Support physical and mental well-being.

Project updates

Our recent edition of the podcast series features stories about real-life issues and the people who are working to create social change. In this episode, LKTBF Founder Lesley de Jonge joins Legend Malina Terrell live from Tanzania to talk about their plans to donate volleyball gear to women in refugee camps and villages.

We’re so grateful for all of our opportunities and resources, and we hope to give back by sharing with people who need them. Volleyball is a popular sport in Tanzania with a growing community of players and fans. There are several initiatives underway to promote the sport, including local tournaments and school programs.

However, the development of volleyball infrastructure and the availability of resources, such as training and equipment, is still a challenge in some areas of the country.

On how you can apply for our Volleycation Tanzania shortlist:

Join us and read more here.

Women's World Championships!

At the 2022 FIVB Women's World Championships in September, it was amazing and inspiring to see so many old and new faces come to support us and our cause, give love and share their stories.

Together with VolleyballWorld and our collaboration of the #EqualJersey and collecting used Volleyball gear! This jersey was designed to raise money and support the partner communities in our projects. A portion of the proceeds is used to purchase gear and provide hands-on training in community needs around the world.

Our upcoming plans within Asia!

Lesley gives you some behind-the-scenes from the first weeks in Asia collaborating with Beach Box Camps and our new Legend Phoebe Bell. Watch the video on our YouTube channel to discover more.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the future. We're working on a lot of exciting projects and we can't wait to share what we've been working on. In the meantime, some of the upcoming trips we have planned for you in India, Thailand, the Philippines, and more.

Our Newest Legends!

We’re extremely excited to welcome our four most recent Legends joining our LKTBF family. We love to see new members joining our community, contributing to developement and impact in our projects

Swipe to see our newest members! ✨

Closing Our Year With New Goals!

Learn about the new goals we have set for next year by staying updated on our Instagram, see how you can be involved, and start making a difference in your community now!

We are building a world where everyone, in every place, has an equal opportunity to play volleyball! It takes the entire volleyball community to keep the ball flying. Be part of the change:

We are excited about our future and to meet all of you, who come from all walks of life and share a passion for volleyball. Thank you for believing in our mission and being a part of the change. ✨

Stay updated on our projects and follow up on our YouTube Channel and be a part of our community!


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