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The idea is simple. Dreamteam Pro members pledge 1% of their earnings to the Let's Keep The Ball Flying Foundation. And together we unlock the power of volleyball as a social development driver for those communities that need it the most.

By making the pledge, you are propelling a ripple effect that will shape the behaviour of your peers and, in time, the global volleyball community. As one global team, we can transform volleyball and our world for the better.

Welcome to the Movement

We're in it together. Volleyball is a team game and so is social change. Use the game that has given you so much to empower others all around the world.

Pledge 1% of Earnings

You make the pledge, we take care of the rest. We handle everything from sourcing and vetting projects to reporting on their impact.

Donate Used Gear

Write your own support note or record a short video and donate your used gear. We will make sure to make a young child happy with your donation.

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Join Dreamteam Pro

Uniting the global volleyball family to build a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to play volleyball, create extraordinary memories, and thrive as human beings.​




At Vakifbank we strongly believe in volleyball as a tool for social development. This is why we’ve decided to take the pledge with Dreamteam Pro.

Giovanni Guidetti

Vakifbank Head Coach

Volleyball should be for the people. We need to support a more sustainable, positive, and inclusive volleyball, and I will do anything that I can to help.

Gabi Guimaraes

Brazil National Team


This is about all of us in the volleyball community giving back as a team. Individually, our pledges might not change the world but together we can make a real difference.

Sanja Malagurski

Serbia National Team

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