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Serving for a Cause: Gepidae's 24-Hour Volleyball Marathon Triumph!

In the spirit of community and the love for volleyball, Gepidae, a dynamic Dutch volleyball club, recently hosted a sporting event that blended passion and charity. In collaboration with Let's Keep The Ball Flying (LKTBF), they organised a 24-hour volleyball marathon, raising a remarkable 1425 euros dedicated to LKTBF's global initiatives.

Gepidae hands over check to LKTBF

A Double Impact: Local and Global Giving

Gepidae's fundraising prowess didn't stop there. The club demonstrated a profound commitment to community welfare by securing a total of 2850 euros. A generous 50% of this sum found its way to LKTBF, contributing to the global mission of making volleyball accessible to all. The remaining 50% was dedicated to a local charity (Serve the City), fortifying Gepidae's bond with their home town in Tilburg, Netherlands.

LKTBF Volleyball Marathon in The Netherlands

LKTBF Takes the Court

Representing LKTBF in this marathon of goodwill was a dedicated team led by none other than Guus van den Elzen, the Volleyball Marathon Head Coach of LKTBF. His enthusiasm and leadership infused the event with the spirit of Let's Keep The Ball Flying, creating a special experience for all participants.

LKTBF Volleyball Marathon Team

The 24-Hour Volleyball Marathon: A Unique Concept

This event is part of the innovative concept crafted by LKTBF, inviting clubs and teams to host 24-hour volleyball marathons for charity, all with the backing of LKTBF's expertise.

It's a journey of endurance, passion, and giving.

Guus expressed his excitement, stating, "The 24-hour volleyball marathon is not just a game; it's a journey of endurance, passion, and giving. It's a fantastic way to bring communities together while supporting a great cause."

The organizers at Gepidae shared their sentiments on this collaborative venture. Naomi Parmentier, from the organizing team, commented, "Hosting the 24-hour volleyball marathon was both challenging and immensely rewarding. The support from LKTBF was instrumental in ensuring the event's success, and the sense of accomplishment in raising funds for both global and local causes is truly fulfilling."

24 hour volleyball marathon LKTBF

Host Your Own 24-Hour Volleyball Marathon!

Feeling inspired? You can be a part of this impactful initiative! If your club or team is ready to take on the challenge of a 24-hour volleyball marathon for charity, Let's Keep The Ball Flying is here to guide you every step of the way. Get in touch with us for more information on hosting your own event and making a lasting impact through the power of volleyball.

Join the movement. Serve for change.

This collaboration between Gepidae and LKTBF showcases the incredible possibilities that unfold when a community comes together through sport for a shared cause. It's not just a game; it's a powerful force for positive change. Let's keep the ball flying, on and off the court!


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