Festival Buenos Aires

During the FIVB World Congress in Buenos Aires in 2016, the FIVB will activate VBYW Movement through a festival unique for its tri-dimensional approach: sports, arts and education. The activities specific to each dimension will take place simultaneously, so all the participants are exposed to the three of them.

To run this tridimensional programme, the FIVB will bring in strategic content partners responsible for the implementation of each dimension according to their expertise. NF-ARG (FeVA) comes as our strategic partner for Dimension #1- Sports, Buenos Aires 2018 for Dimension #2- Education and Bossaball International together with Bossaball Argentina for Dimension #3- Art.

This project is planned to be replicated until 2018 when the Youth Olympics will take place in Buenos Aires and the location of the festival will change every year in the spirit of spreading volleyball in the lead up to the YOG.


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