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Beach Box Camps Raised 2500 Euro On The Island Of The Gods!

Volleyball is the third most popular sport in Indonesia. LKTBF and Beach Box Camps teamed up to support local volleyball communities in Bali.

So it was not a surprise when our founder Lesley de Jonge and the organization Beach Box Camps started a collaboration a few weeks ago after they were brought together by one of our amazing partners; Bulletproof Performance.

Beach Box Camps organized a fantastic beach volleyball camp led by former Olympian and European champion beach volleyball player Aleksandrs Samoilovs at the island of the gods in Bali, Indonesia.

More than 80 players from all over the world came together to share the same passion and love for the game. Indonesia, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, USA, Japan, Philippines, Latvia, and the UAE were just some examples of the countries represented during the camp.

The camp did not only develop their volleyball skills by practicing 6 hours a day, but the group also learnt from each other’s differences in background and cultures, visited multiple different cultural sights, and spend the change of the new year together.

Lesley de Jong gave on behalf of Let’s Keep the Ball Flying an impactful presentation about the positive influence that volleyball has in the lives of millions. It was very clear that the presentation aroused emotions, when the group decided to start a fundraiser during the camp week.

The Beach Box Camp raised 2500 euros (!) in just a few days because of the amazing effort of the participants and the Beach Box Camp Organisation. But some of the participants were so touched by the work of Let’s Keep The Ball Flying that they wanted to do more.

Christopher and Merle, passionate volleyball players and travelers for example decided to collect used volleyballs and replaced their valves to give them a new life. They wanted to help others who are not able to easily buy new ones. Volleyball brought them together, but now it’s time to help connecting others as well.

Sandra, one of the founders of Beach Box, together with Harold did even change their flights to stay longer in Indonesia and to help Let’s Keep The Ball Flying making the organization more visible for new donors by creating digital content. It’s their goal to increase equal access to volleyball.

The camp was also a fantastic experience for a local volleyball coach from Bali. Eka Agustiawan, a passionate local beach volleyball coach was able to develop his coaching skills by learning from some of the best beach volleyball players and coaches.

On the other hand, the professional coaches were inspired by Eka’s work ethic and openness to feedback and growth. With different playing circumstances, it does take sometimes longer before you’re able to play, but you always need to stay creative. Creativity, community, and hope (of good weather in Bali rainy season) are the keys to success.

Would you like to see more video content about he Beach Box Camps? Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and explore more!

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